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Ian Paule
'Before' Weight: 207lbs
90 Days 'After': 180lbs

Jess Johnson
Captions: Before "Total Body Transformation"

After "Total Body Transformation"

Jenna Marquand
Age: 26
Starting Weight: 167
Ending Weight: 141

Rich Glauser
Age: 55Body
Starting Weight : 208lbs
After "Total Body Transformation": 182lbs

Paul Rees
Age: 37
Before 'Total Body Transformation' : 210 lbs

After "Total Body Transformation: 198lbs

Chris Coddington
Age: 36
Before 'Total Body Transformation' : 191lbs

After 'Total Body Transformation' : 171lbs

Nancy Vaccaro
Starting Weight : 227lbs
Current Weight: 135lbs

Ivette Rueda
Starting Weight: 149lbs
Current Weight: 122lbs

Madison Dufault
Lost: 25lbs

Christ White
Starting Weight: 213lbs
Current Weight: 173lbs

Jerri Hicks
Starting Weight: 159lbs
Current weight: 131lbs


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